Safety Portable Baby Seat

Easy installation, safe , save space and much more.

As the figure of car ownership rises dramatically, your lives have been entering the auto time . how to guarantee children to travel safely in cars become more and more series problem . vehicle safety belt is designed by adults, baby become the most dangerous element, in past years,
thousands of baby was killed by car accident !

The birth of baby car safety cushion may help to reduce the rate of death and protect baby during car travelling . it is considered as Ā« baby saviourĀ» with excellent design , it is not only safe as traditional baby car seat , but also easy to carry , install , clean , save space and comfortable for baby.

Benefits of the safety portable seat :
1. Multi-functional baby car seat, can be installed at car or dining chair.
2. Combined car seat and feeding booster seat.
3. Security poppers for babys safety. Cushioned seat and leg openings.
4. Car seat pouch and safety reigns on a dining chair combination.Comfortable and convenient, light to carry.
5. Easy to get baby in and out, fully adjustable and unique design. Removable booster seat to suit different sizes.