Memory Foam Gel Cushion

Item No. DO2027

Turn any seat into a comfort zone!

GEL foam Cushion contours to your body–making long rides much more comfortable.

The soft, waffle-like gel center and surrounding Memory Foam help evenly distribute body weight to eliminate

Pressure points and spinal strain. Use it in the car,

At home or at the office.

The removable, washable polyester cover has a mesh

Center for breath ability.

Features :

Gel cushion insert into a molded foam base, so that the seat conforms to your body for personalize comfort; Helps to reduce pressure on sitting bones; Dense gel provides firm support at the front and back of your seat to help you sit upright; Softer gel in the center and throughout, the remainder of the seat provides a cushioning effect to help soothe aching sitting bones. Base is composed of polyurethane foam that is molded into a contoured shape to provide you with additional comfort;The Luxurious Comfort of GEL combined with contoured support for any seat , anywhere