foot comfort gel insole different size

DO2-244  DO2-245 DO2-246  DO2-247

DO2-244  36-38 Women

DO2-245  39-43 Women

DO2-246  39-43 Men

DO2-247  43-45 Men

These are designed to provide a quality long-lasting cushion that act as a shock absorption for the feet. People will find that the heel supports are contoured which are intended to be employed as replacement insoles and reusable pads.

Others, however, can also be flat which are then placed on top of the existing insoles to act as an overlay for orthotics and harder arch supports.

  1. Unisex
  2. The gel design helps to provide shock absorption can absorb wallop, reduce the burden of toe
  3. Cushions under your feet, will bring you the wonderful feeling of transcending time
  4. Eliminate odor.
  5. Improve balance
  6. Improve foot strength
  7. Washable, durable lad and reusable