massage chair

Item No. DO7029

1.Designed with a set of four wheel driven massage mechanical hands which can

Move up and down in the black rest

2.It can detect massage point on upper body, shoulder position automatically and

Adjust it.

3. Programmed with five human simulating massage mode: shiatsu, kneading,

Flapping, knocking and synchronicity with kneading flapping.

4. Programmed with three characterised auto massage modes: ease, memory A,

Memory B. And the memory mode can reserve the mode and the angle currently as

You like, you can call out next time when you turn on the machine.

5. Endowed with three auto massage modes on upper body (full cover, shoulders,

Back and waist to choose)

6. Manual selection of position and mode of massage for upper body: the following

Three positions of massage may be selected: fixed point, partial, and whole range,

There are five speeds for each massage mode. Under the massage of flapping,

Shiatsu and knocking, the width between the two massage hands can be adjusted

In three levels of wide, medium and narrow. On partial and fixed point, the

Massage hands can move up and down to adjust the massage point accurately.

7. Air pressure massage function with three modes: full body air pressure, lower body,

Arms, set with 25 airbags, three intensity optional.

8. Set with joint stretch function: calf rest stretch, arms stretch.

9. Calf rest can extend step less and turn over freely.

10. Calf rest can be lifted separately or together with the backrest, the calf rest can auto segregate when run into barrier.

11. Come to sitting up state and mechanical hands reset automatically when power off.

12. Setting time 15, 20, 25 30 min, with 4 grade adjustable.

13. Set with blue screen LCD


MEAS: 118x76x76 CM