Mini Foot massager

Item No. DO7011

Can change kneading massage directions, with overloaded protection, relief tension and fatigue with traditional shiatsu and reflexology therapy * With both auto and manual massage programs to choose, adjustable speeds with low, middle, high * With both kneading and rolling shiatsu massage, activate joints and ease tired feet and improve blood circulation * Kneading discs with elastic step width and handy touch-panel control on case, automatic massage program with 4 optional modes strong Product Details * Ergonomically designed according to the sensitive points of calf region and the sole of feet and the reflecting characters of the complicated nerve system


This foot massage can improve blood circulation, ease painful and tired feet as well as legs

It›s lightweight and portable

It can effectively and stimulate the reflex points on the soles of your feet so as to irritate reflexology and delivering soothing massage to ease tired, aching feet and relieve tightness and pain of calf

Nothing is more relaxing and stimulating than this quality foot massage